Munch's Oddysee Art and Screens
Oddworld Inhabitants

Monday, February 14, 2000

Oddworld News
Written by Chris Hoffman
Ah, much new oddness to tide us over.

Oddworld Inhabitants recently handed over to GR the latest info on their upcoming PlayStation 2 game, Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. If you've been keeping up on Munch's Oddysee, then you already know that the fully 3D world Oddworld has become is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Game manufacturers have promised games for years that look as good as computer-generated effects in movies. Well, move over George Lucas, because Munch's Oddysee is coming pretty close.

As the artwork shows, Munch's Oddysee is coming along beautifully. Both Abe and Munch are playable characters, each with their own talents. While Abe could control other creatures in his adventures, Munch will be able to take over machines (thanks to bionic implants given to him by Vykkers scientists). GameSpeak will still be part of the interaction, with Munch using his tongue like a flute to speak with other characters. According to creator Lorne Lanning, Abe and Munch will have a dysfunctional relationship where they help each other throughout the game while manipulating one another to achieve their own ends.

Oddworld is still staying pretty quiet about game specifics, however. Obviously, direct character control is still the main part of the quest, but the lifecycles of non-playable characters and the impact players have on their well-being are also a key part of the game. Additionally, Lanning says the game will use the special features of the Dual Shock 2 controller in innovative ways, but he won't reveal the details yet. We'll let you know all the deep, dark secrets of Munch's Oddysee as soon as possible, but for now sit back and revel at the latest downloadable splendor.

Air Raid/Camera Demo Screens

Alf's Demo Screens

Seasons Demo Screens

Scrab Herd Demo Screens

Scrab and Hut Demo Screens

Munch's Concept Art

Accountant (more interesting than he sounds).
Big Brother Slig (another sketch of the gent with the Gatling gun).

A vast, cavernous chamber.
A massive forest scene.
Mudokon health and status indicators: 1, 2, 3, 4.