New Neo Pocket Screens and Information
Friday, Feburary 18, 2000
Neo Pocket News
Written by Chris Hoffman

Give us the Metal Slug and nobody gets hurt.

SNK of Japan recently updated their website with the latest on upcoming releases for the Neo Geo Pocket. Although the five added games had been announced previously, new details and screens are now available for Metal Slug 2nd Mission, Cotton, Last Blade, and the latest casino-style games for the handheld system.

Metal Slug Second Mission

Japanese release: 3/9/2000
As you can see from the screens, the latest Metal Slug game looks very (repeat several times) nice. The action/shooting gameplay from the original is returning intact, but the game offers new vehicles, weapons and equipment to use. The game even works with the link cable, and the variety of environments on display suggests quite a lengthy mission to undertake.

Pachinko Slots: Word of Light
Japanese release: 3/16/2000
Another casino-style game, Word of Light is based on an actual Japanese pachinko slot machine of the same name. SNK says the game will incorporate RPG elements alongside the gambling and four play modes will be included.

Gekka no Kenshi - Last Blade Pocket

Japanese release: 3/16/2000
The fighting action of the Last Blade coin-op is going portable with a host of features and play modes. The game will use the storylines of the first and second Last Blade arcade games in the game's Story Mode, and players can also battle in Time Attack and Survival Modes, or practice in Training Mode. If you want to know more about the Last Blade characters, there are scrolls to collect that give access to character artwork and profiles. Two mini games will also be included: Homerun Competition (baseball, naturally) and Great Escape From Hell (I have no clue). Two-player link battles will be available as well.

Coi Coi Mahjong
Japanese release: 3/9/2000
Coi Coi Mahjong is another casino style game for the Neo Pocket, offering mahjong board game fun and card game action. It'll be a bit surprising to see this one come to the U.S.

Magical Night Dreams Cotton

Japanese release: 3/23/2000
The classic shooter that originated back in 1991 is returning to 2D one more time on the Neo Pocket. Of course, players control the infamous Willow-gobbling witch and her fairy companion Silk, flying around on her broom and taking out enemies with her Spirit Silk weapons. Side-scrolling shooters live on!