Namco appraised
Monday, Feburary 21, 2000
Written by Ryuju


Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. held PLAYSTATION FESTIVAL 2000 at Makuhari Messe. SCEI showed 27 playable PS2 titles to the guests. At the main stage, Capcom, Tecmo, SCE, and From Software showed their brand new titles and latest movies. Also, at the main stage, SCEI showed PS2 Start-Up screen. Let me list up these titles, and description of boot-up screen.

Below are titles and link to our preview archeive, Enjoy, folks!

Gran Tourismo 2000 5.5MB SCEI Racing
Fanta Vision 1.76MB SCEI Puzzle
Be on Edge 2.34MB SCEI Action
I.Q. Remix + 2MB SCEI Puzzle
Extermination part1 4MB SCEI Panic Action
Dark Cloud 5.5MB SCEI RPG
Dead or Alive 2 part1 4.5MB, part2 5.5MB, and part3 4.91MB Tecmo 3D Fighting
Armored Core 2 2.17MB From Software Simulation
A Train 6 4MB ArtDink Simulation
Onimusha part 1 3.5MB & 2 2.38MB Capcom Action
Street Fighter EX3 4.35MB Capcom 3D Fighting
Maximo 2.43MB Capcom RPG
Gunblades 2.78MB Capcom/GameArts Action
Silpheed 3.48MB Capcom/GameArts RPG
Snowboard Supercross 3.16MB EA Square Sports
Eternal Ring 2.64MB From Software RPG
Ever Grace 2.41MB From Software RPG
Stepping Selection 6.32MB Jaleco Action
Kessen 1.17MB Koei Real Time Simulation
Drum Mania 2.78MB Konami Sports
Ridge Racer V 4.6MB Namco Race

Tekken Tag Tournament 5.5MB

Namco Fighting
Type S 2.37MB Square Race
Gekkikukan Professional Baseball 4.8MB Square Sports