Strider 1 & 2 Movies
Thursday, Feburary 24, 2000
PlayStation News
Written by David Smith

Sorry for not having any yesterday - this should make up for that.

Why do we have so many movies of Strider here? Because we like it.

Strider 2 Movies

Anti-Grav MPEG - 1.0 MB

Walk on the ceiling, hang from the floor.

Armored Guard MPEG - 1.1 MB

The Boost powerup, making boss encounters a cinch since 1978. Note, off in the background, the guards with mortars trying to draw a bead on you.

Bridge MPEG - 1.1 MB

A twist on the classic downhill run, here you get to be chased down by a gigantic bulldozer across a mine-laden drawbridge.

Dullahan MPEG - 1.8 MB

A nifty teleporting, sword-wielding, skull-summoning boss enemy.

Metall Hengst MPEG - 2.9 MB

The curse of many an enthusiastic E3-goer, who had a moment to admire the nifty 3D castle backgrounds before being slaughtered by this fellow. The game seems to have received a bit of tuning since then, thankfully.

Hopping About MPEG - 1.6 MB

You can jump farther than you think thanks to Hiryu's climbing claws, which particularly come in handy when you're attacking the aerial battleship in mission 4.

Perspective... MPEG - 1.3 MB

Strider 2's 3D presentation allows the game to occasionally do some fun stuff with its camera - for example, here it pulls back to display a nice-looking vista and a gigantic boss.

Herzog Schlange MPEG - 4.5 MB

One of the game's most impressive bosses is this massive, Hydra-esque creation, directed by the eponymous cackling duke.

Relative Gravity MPEG - 1.9 MB

Another fun moment, where you can hop up from the ceiling and employ your double jump to switch directions in midair.

Strider 1 Movies

Black Strider MPEG - 2.0 MB

Yes, the little-known Dark Hiryu, made possible by a handy color-edit feature.

The walls are closin' in... MPEG - 1.8 MB

A classic action moment.

Cyborg Kong MPEG - 1.2 MB

Yep, you know who we mean, the deadly android ape boss. Still a classic design.

Then And Now Movies

Some moments have been revisited in both games - the combination package means you can check out both, and compare inspiration to recreation.

Downhill Run Then MPEG - 1.3 MB
Downhill Run Now MPEG - 1.2 MB

Chased by gunfire, nowhere to go, and then a flying leap...

Gravity Core Then MPEG - 1.4 MB
Gravity Core Now MPEG - 1.7 MB

It's a great concept either way, but I rather prefer the original orbit myself. In some ways, I suppose, they'll never be able to top the classics.