Konami At AOU
Friday, Feburary 25, 2000
Arcade News
Written by James Pond

Hey, they know where the money's coming from.

Konami's attachment to music and rhythm games is as strong as ever. Their latest entries in the genre are Dancemania X, Keyboadmania, Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix, Drummania 2nd Mix, Beatmania III, Beatmania IIDX 3rd Style, Beatmania ClubM ix, Pop'n Music 4, Pop 'n' Stage EX, Pop 'n' Music Micky Tunes, Pop 'n' Music Animero, and others [deep breath]. Most of the titles are sequels, but they remain as popular as ever. Beside music games, Konami showcased Punch Mania - Fist of the North Star (based on the eponymous orgy of cranial disintegration), which is about 80 % completed, and a shooting-gallery title called Gunmania, in which you shoot real BB bullets.

Konami has been keeping a tight lid on this new style dance game, Dancemania X, which is 40% completed. The game system is basically similar to Dance Dance Revolution, in which you push buttons with your feet to moving icons synchronized to music on the screen. Oddly, Dancemania X does not have any buttons on the machine; instead, it comes with four sensors on the four corners of the machine, and you interrupt the beam emitted from the sensors to the icons displayed according to music. This means your hands get involved, rather than your feet, which should certainly make it a hit with spectators.

The sequel to Konami's exciting GTI Club is finally due. With more detailed yet smooth graphics, it's inarguably one of the best driving games on the way out now.