AOU Movie Archive
Monday, Feburary 28, 2000
Arcade News
Written by Ryuju

The games of AOU in motion.

GR again presents you a series of movies, this time from the AOU show. The files are reasonably small, making for an easy download - there are a few that might have black band effects, but otherwise, you should experience no problems.

Aqua Rush 640KB Puzzle Action Namco
Boat Race Ocean Heat 1.21MB Medal Sega
Densha De Go 3 1.27MB Simulation Taito
Drum Mania 2nd Mix 1.01MB Beat Simulation Konami
Fist of North Star 1.34MB Punch Machine Konami
GTI Part 1 1.34MB & Part 2 1.34MB Racing Konami
Landing High 1.34MB Simulation Taito
Mars Matrix 931KB Shooting Capcom
Marvel vs. Capcom part1 1.34MB Fighting Capcom
Marvel vs. Capcom part2 1.34MB Fighting Capcom
Marvel vs. Capcom part3 1.05MB Fighting Capcom
Power Smash 1.12MB Sports Sega
Silent Scope 1.34MB Shooting Konami
Spawn 725KB Action Capcom
Toukon Retsuden 4 717KB Fighting Namco
Truck Rhapsody 1.34MB Driving Namco
Virtua On 2 ver 5.66 1.32MB Fighting Sega
Virtual NBA 1.34MB Sports Sega