Eidos Financial News
Tuesday, February 29, 2000
Eidos News
Written by Chris Hoffman

On the advice of our PR flacks, we reserve comment.

Lara Croft's Last Revelation doesn't appear to be her last PlayStation appearance at all. In Eidos' financial statement today, the company noted that new Tomb Raider games are in the works for PlayStation and PC, set for release this holiday season. Eidos also reaffirmed that Tomb Raider III is going to become a Greatest Hits PlayStation game and a budget-priced PC game. This is in addition to the Dreamcast version of Last Revelation and the Game Boy Color Tomb Raider games coming this spring.

In terms of its finances, Eidos announced a profit of $23.1 million for the holiday '99 quarter, but a loss of $20.9 million for the nine months between April and December 1999. Eidos hopes the new Tomb Raider games, along with new licenses like Disney, will help improve the company's finances in 2000. Eidos also stated it currently has more than 35 games in development, including titles for PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, and Game Boy Color.