Sky Pirates VR
Tuesday, February 29, 2000
Gameworks News
Written by Michael Puccini

Elsewhere, people are having much more fun than you. Feel better yet?

As you read this, four die hard gamers are battling it out in airborne pirate ships trying to win a marathon contest at GameWorks in Detroit, with the victor receiving a trip to Las Vegas, free GameWorks game play for a year, a year's worth of Coca-Cola products and a variety of pirate movies. The marathon competition started on Friday, February 25 and will continue until Friday, March 3, or until only one player remains in the game. The game is GameWorks' new Sky Pirates on Vertical Reality - a new, pirate-themed attraction based on Steven Spielberg's Vertical Reality ride system.

Co-produced by GameWorks and the video game developers at Angel Studios, Sky Pirates VR challenges players to ascend up a 24-foot high playing area in pirate ships fueled by hot air balloons by collecting floating boosters, collecting launching projectiles to improve maneuverability, and strategically plotting courses to drive their ship's spikes into opponents' balloons. Once a balloon is spiked, it takes a thrilling "free-fall" dive down the playing field from its current position - up to 24 feet.

With the launch of the GameWorks Detriot unit in place, Sky Pirates will begin to be released in the other GameWorks locations that feature the VR systems.