Toy Story 2 DC
Tuesday, February 29, 2000
Dreamcast News
Written by Chris Hoffman

Insert Woody joke here.

Activision is getting set to take Dreamcast users to infinity and beyond with their upcoming release of Toy Story 2 for Sega's 128-bit system, and now we've finally got pictures of the game. Although Toy Story 2 is remaining relatively unchanged from the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation versions released this past winter, (same levels, same polygon count) the graphics are definitely cleaner than in previous versions. Following the plot of the movie, players control Buzz Lightyear on a 3D quest to save his pal Woody from an evil toy collector. Buzz has to navigate 15 levels relying on his aerial abilities, laser weapons, and special power-ups like rocket jet boots, moon spring boots and a grappling hook. Other characters from the movie like Hamm, Slinky Dog and Rex also appear to lend a hand. Toy Story 2 for Dreamcast is scheduled for a late March release.