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Front Mission 3

A proper look at Square's latest installment of giant-robot strategy

Mr. Driller

There's this guy, right? And he drills things. Trust us, it's much better than it sounds.

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Current Previews for February 2000

WWF SmackDown!
Yes, it's got nifty FMV, but no Grandmaster Sexay? What kind of game is that?
Wild Arms 2
An RPG with charm and character, at just the right time to fill what's no longer a niche.
Hot Shots Golf 2
Superdeformed cool is replaced by an ugly fat guy, but the game proper is as solid as ever.
Sega GT
My little GTO looks finer than ever - Sega fields a winner in the GT racing ranks.
Vagrant Story
The creators of an amazing strategy game follow with an amazing 3D action-RPG.
Rollcage Stage II
Hey, Pooch, are you happy now? I would be, if only this game would let me drive backwards.
Tenchu 2
GRO [heart] slitting throats. Sorry, Mom, but Tenchu is just way too much fun.
Star Trek: Invasion
Quit watching your console go pop in front of you and get up close and personal with the action.
ECW Hardcore Revolution
Lance Storm is cool, Mike Awesome is cool, but Wrestlemania 2000 is pretty cool too...
Crush them, Toy Soldier! No, no, it just doesn't have that same ring to it.
After years and years of classic RPG music, an RPG that brings the soundtrack to the fore.
Grandia II
If you don't know this will be great, you must not know too much about Game Arts' record.
MediEvil 2
Our first go at Sir Dan's return gets a thumbs up, if for nothing other than the Thing homage.
Turok 3
This time, you get to do battle with Oblivion - the comics never run out of these guys, do they?
Macross VF-X 2
Free as a bird...that's suspended in a tasty, colorful Jell-O mold.
SW E1 Racer DC
A mouthful of a title, but it still looks great - if you want to play the movie, this is your chance.
Virtual Pro Wrestling 2
Wrestlemania 2000 did much of the same stuff, but VPW has the dream workrate cast.
Daikatana 64
John Romero obviously has a powerful vision here, but does the 64 have what it takes?
Speed Punks
Not as much depth as the best of kart racers, but superior graphics and style.
Street Sk8er 2
Still racing on skateboards, but there's much more to do between points A and B.
Fear Effect
The promise of dark future action and a fascinating style has us captivated.
Chase The Express
Hunt down terrorists on that most reliable of action settings, a speeding train.
Alundra 2
It's Matrix's first shot at 3D - movies, screens, and a fairly strong thumbs-up inside.
SF Alpha 3
W Impact has the mighty animation, but Alpha 3 has the wonderful World Tour.
Bio Hazard Gun Survivor
I wanna kill zombies, not twink around finding keys - pass me that Gun of Justice.
Nightmare Creatures 2
A grim, violent, and undeniably absorbing game is at hand - much information inside.
4-Wheel Thunder
We'd rather play this than Buggy Heat, but, well, we'd rather play Crazy Taxi than either.
Syphon Filter 2
Warning - contents may be unsuitable for younger viewers and the webmaster's mother.
Custom Robo
Build up your mech and go to war - or at least duke it out on the playground.
Duke: Babes no Planet
Updated with further gameplay impressions - is it as bad as we had thought?
Vanishing Point
A great racer in the strangest of places - oh, well, I'm not going to quibble.
Fur Fighters
Duke Nukem 3D with cute little animals - don't tell my mother I played this one.
McGrath Supercross 2000
The 2000 edition is very much improved - motocross fans have something to look forward to.
All-Star Baseball 2001
Acclaim's finest sports franchise is looking as good as ever, with some new additions.
SaGa Frontier 2
One of the most beautiful feats of 2D art we've ever seen..
Gal's Fighters
Another SNK fighter is always welcome, particularly one this good-looking.
Choukosenki Kikaioh
Media and mad outpourings of love for Capcom's mech fighter.
Alundra 2
The sequel to the devilish Alundra remains mysterious; RPG fans, keep you eyes on it.
Rayman GB
Rayman remains one of the finest names in platforming, on yet another sysrtem.
RE: Code Veronica
Our first taste has us interested in a full course of Dreamcast survival horror.
Shen Mue
Go ahead and believe the hype; we're sold on Yu Suzuki's absorbing epic.
Zombie Revenge
Kill the zombies! Kill the zombies! And kill the zombies! It may wear a little thin, though.
Gauntlet Legends (DC)
Fetch four friends for food-needing action in all its arcade-perfect glory.
Mario Party 2
More multiplayer coin-collecting mini-gaming friend's-back-stabbing action from Nintendo.
Tomba! 2
Do illegal things to anthropomorphoid pigs once more, and in full 3D. Does the church know about this?
Crusaders of M&M
Might and Magic, that is, one of our favorite RPG series. Whether Crusaders will be as
V-On: Oratorio Tangram
It doesn't get any better than giant robots, and giant robots don't get better than Virtual On.
Colony Wars: Red Sun
A third adventure in a galaxy torn by war, with improvements on the classic model
SNK Vs. Capcom
Clash Card Fighting! Fast, simple gameplay and awesome art will win this some serious fans.
Pokemon Stadium
The battles are what will draw the kids, but the Lickitung mini-game will steal the show.
Ace Combat 3
Kick back, take in the nifty graphics, tune out to the trancey music, and splash some bogies.
Puyo Puyoda!
Power to the Puyo! Right on! Despite past troubles, Compile pushes forward in style.
Life to the weird! Victory to the weird! BioWare has done an excellent job with this sequel.
Soul Fighter
Kick hell out of the bad guys in 3D, with no camera problems or weird collision.
Munch's Oddysee
The potential of the Playstation 2 continues to exceed expectations; this should be a classic.
Game Arts' magnum opus has made it to America. October 29, you can buy it. Or else.
40 Winks
Adventure in Slumberland as Eurocom branches out into new territory.
Valkyrie Profile
Gather the slain from across the centuries and lead them to battle in Enix's upcoming RPG.
Donkey Kong 64
The Kong clan returns in Rare's biggest adventure yet; take up your coconut gun and go to it.
Shiny's PC adventure offers a beautiful future world and fascinating gameplay innovations.
Final Fantasy Anthology
Sprites, polygons, FMV, whatever, these are still some of the finest RPGs of all time.
Crave prepares to localize a dark, brooding three-dimensional psychic adventure.
Need For Speed: V-Rally 2
A huge variety of cars, tracks, and options await as EA picks up the popular V-Rally franchise.
Thousand Arms
Seek treasure, fight evil, see sights, forge mighty weapons, and get to second base, all in one game.
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